Association and ensemble for New Music

Call for Scores - CLOSED ALREADY!


We invite composers of all ages and nationalities to submit scores of their works, some of which will be included in our concert planning for 2019 and 2020.


We are looking for works for 1 up to and including 8 instruments, preferrably from the following list:


1 flute (including piccolo, alto flute and bass flute)

1 oboe (including english horn)

1 clarinet (including bass clarinet)

1 bassoon

1 saxophone (soprano-alto-tenor-baritone)

1 horn

1 trumpet

1 trombone

1 piano

2 violins

1 viola

1 violoncello

1 contrabass


Harp and percussion are not completely excluded, but it is rather unlikely that we will include them in our concerts.


Scores may include electronics, but in the performance the composer will have to deliver all the required equipment excluding the PA. Reconsil is also able to contribute a sound engineer).


The duration of the submitted works should not exceed 12 minutes. The submission of longer works is permitted but works up to 12 minutes in duration are more likely to be chosen.


The submitted works may be previously performed or published. However, works composed after 2010 will be favoured.


Each composer can submit as many works as desired. We charge an entry fee of 5 Euros per submitted work. The returns from the entry fees will be used entirely for the concerts.


All required materials (payment confirmation, score in PDF format and preferrably (if available) - Link to a recording (YouTube, soundcloud, GoogleDrive etc.) should be sent per email to

The call is closed now. The entry deadline was July, 31st, 2018.


Please pay the submission fee per bank transfer to:

Reconsil-Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Musik

Gartengasse 21a/17
1070 Wien

IBAN: AT661400003010912732